Pars Hospital

Hospital Name: Pars Hotel Hospital
Location: Shiraz, Iran
Established: 2005
Hospital beds: more than 300
Units: Heart
Center, ENT, Eye Care, Fertility
Facilities: Restaurant, Cafe, Drug Store, Kindergarten

Pars hospital is privet and medical center located in Shiraz city of Fars province with 60 beds Capacity established in 1976.Addmition wards are :ear, nose ,Throat(ENT) , Eyes, pediatrics, pediatric emergency, Thalassemia, Clinical sections :Pediatric Emergency Clinic, Eye Clinic, hemophilia
Clinic, optometry Clinic, audiometry Clinic, Physiotherapy
Clinic, Dental Clinic, ENT Clinic, Anesthesiology, Heart Clinic, Rehabilitation
Paraclinical sections: Radiology, Medical Laboratory, Genetics and Research Laboratory, Pharmacy, Electrocardiography, Echocardiography ultrasound, Electromyography