Fara Parto Medical Image Center

Hospital Name: Fara Parto Medical Image Center
Location: Shiraz, Iran
Established: 2005
Hospital beds: more than 300
Units: Heart
Center, ENT, Eye Care, Fertility
Facilities: Restaurant, Cafe, Drug Store, Kindergarten

The Medical Imaging Center and Interventional Radiology, using advanced and modern imaging equipment, and experienced staff and physicians, are attempting to diagnose diseases in various parts of the body. The unique features of this center are simultaneous diagnostic and therapeutic measures. These therapies can be called surgery operations without opening the body by a surgical knife. In this center, all advanced and advanced procedures are performed under general anesthesia and after Any pain is controlled by the patient and the person leaves the center for complete and satisfactory pain. Meanwhile, anesthesia is attempted with the latest advanced drugs, the duration of anesthesia is very short, and in addition, the center is the site of the referral of renowned neurologists and neurosurgeons to be performed by anesthesiologist