He has been the Advisor of chancellor of Shiraz University of medical sciences since 2009.
Vice-chancellor of clinical affairs of Shiraz university of medical sciences (SUMS) (2005-2009), education of department of surgery (SUMS), Iran (1997-1999), Manager of Nemazee Hospital (SUMS), Iran(2001-2005), Ghotbeddin Hospital (SUMS), Shiraz, lran (1997-1999), Moslemin Hospital, Shiraz, Iran (1993-1995).

Dr. Hosseini is the Chief Of Colorectal Research Center in Iran, faculty Member Of Gastroenterohepatology Research Center, an associate member of the Iranian Colorectal Federation as well as Iranian College of Physicians. He is also the Vice-chancellor of Iranian National Board of Surgery and Member Of European Society of Coloproctology, Board Member of MMESA.