Dr. Seyed Ali Malek Hosseini

Professor of Transplant Surgery

So-called father of liver transplantation in Middle East.

Dr. Sayed Ali Malek Hosseini is a Professor of Surgery, and Head Of organ transplant unit at the Department of Surgery of Shiraz University of Medical Sciences.
He has been appointed as the director of Faghihi Hospital, Chief Of Transplantation Section at Surgery Department (SUMS), Examiner of Iranian Board of General Surgery, and Chancellor of University of Medicine.
He was a Member of Archive of Surgery editorial board (2001), and a Member of Iranian Academy of Medical Sciences (2005). He established the Kidney transplantation ward at Shiraz Medicine School.
He also performed The First Liver Transplantation (1992), First partial liver transplantation (1998), and The First Liver Transplantation from right lobe, adult to adult (2002).