Binagostar Eye Center

Hospital Name: Binagostar Eye Center
Location: Shiraz, Iran
Established: 2005
Hospital beds: more than 300
Units: Heart
Center, ENT, Eye Care, Fertility
Facilities: Restaurant, Cafe, Drug Store, Kindergarten

Binagostar eye center was founded May, 2000 to ‎provide services covering refractive surgeries (Lasik) and related Para clinical services.‎
With the beginning of its new compound in 2007, other ophthalmology services such as advanced ‎surgeries and specialized diagnosis procedures have been implemented. ‎
In this clinic the latest and most advanced technical, ophthalmological equipment in medicine with ‎a staff of the most expert surgeons of the country are available and ready to respectfully help all ‎fellow countrymen patients as well as patients visiting from foreign countries.‎